Success Stories

How Kinesiology Treatment has helped - hear it directly from my patients

/// Michelle Cristie-Poole

“I visited Julia due to my 20 month old daughter having a persistent cough and general irritability and severe tantrums. We had visited the GP 6 times in 7 months and been given an inhaler and the cough had worsened and continued. We visited Julia once and she advised the removal of dairy out of the diet and suggested EyeQ and Bifidobacterium. This was 4 weeks ago and this has been the longest period Florence has been without a cough for over a year. Her mood has also dramatically improved and she is just a much happier and contented child. I would not have believed that such a change was possible if I had not experienced it first hand. We shall continue to come as we are delighted so far."

“I have to confess to being sceptical about what Julia could do for me when I first visited her.I knew nothing about kinesiology and it all seemed a bit "unusual".Six months down the track and the results speak for themselves.The work she has done has made a huge difference to the way I feel and I wish I had started the process years ago.Even as one of life's sceptics I would have no hesitation in recommending Julia and her work."

/// Andrew Taylor

"Julia has been amazing with her treatment of my sprained hip, which I was in agony with for a week and one treatment from Julia and the pain had gone. I can definitely recommend her."

"I'm very pleased with the results from my allergy test after consultation with Julia Fuchs . I followed her advice , and after nearly three years of my eyes being sore and irritated . They are now so much better ! I'm looking forward to my next appointment."


I took my 12 year old son to see Julia after several trips to the doctors and the chemists about very smelly breath and chronic Dandruff. Julia treated him, put him on a special diet for a few months, and gave us some supplements. It has gone, and I know which foods to avoid if he has a relapse"


"Lxxx has been doing really great. I couldn't believe the difference in her with her energy, no lying around drained like she used to and it came at the right time as she's been doing her GCSE,s  so we're very thankful to you xx"

"Since she came to see you, this is the longest my daughter has been out of hospital."



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