Every Body

is Different

- so is every body's dietary needs
There is not one definition of "healthy eating". We are all different, and so are our dietary needs. What nourishes one person, can make another person ill.
Because nutrition is the basic care we provide for our body repeatedly every day, it is essential to know what our body needs and tolerates without falling into the traps of what is commonly classified as "good" and "bad" foods.
Find out what irritates you
Common intolerated or allergenic foods are:  dairy products, gluten, egg, nuts.
But there are many more. 30-35% of the british population suffers from nickel sensitivity - nickel is found in most of our foods and can cause eczema and chronic epidermal and/or intestinal dermatitis. Fibromyalgia, muscle and joint-pain and incontinence are often linked to fructose-malabsorption, which affects 20% of the european population.
Symptoms of Food Intolerances
Diarrhoea or Constipation, often with bloating and wind, stomach pain
Nausea and indigestion
Joint pain and Muscle Pain
Fatigue and Exhaustion
Eczema, Rashes or Dermatitis
Anorexia and other Eating Disorders 
Candida, Parasitic and Bacterial  infections and Heavy Metal Toxicity
can contribute to digestive disorders, can cause malabsorption, leaky gut and inflammation, and can therefore affect the whole body.
Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies and Supplements help to bring back wellbeing and support our organs and glands. They aid digestion, eliminate "unwanted  guests", flush out toxins and repair the damage the infection has caused.